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ABC – offroad riding in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile

The region on the border of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile is one of the most amazing, mysterious and picturesque of South America.  It’s a real paradise for adventure lovers, challenges and endure riding!  During our trip we will get to know both the Andean roads and the Atacama Desert.  We will of course visit the largest salt flats in the world – Salar de Uyuni, and get a feel of what it feels like to lose orientation and perspective.  We will see multi-colored volcanoes and lagoons teeming with flamingos.  Make sure not to forget your swimsuit, as steaming geysers are waiting for us!  On the route we will surely meet llamas, vicuna, guanaco, condors and flamingos.  We will try those fantastic Argentinian steaks, and have the opportunity to vote which of the Argentinian or Chilean wine is better.  We’ll also get to know more about the warm hospitality and nature of the local population.  Our journey combines larger than life experiences, with culture, cuisine and nature, demanding off-road riding, and of course a the company of like-minded female riders.  We promise it will be hard, high, raw but more importantly, you will go home with ever-lasting memories – and a craving to come back! 

Aleksandra “Ola” Trzaskowska, the founder of “Tylko dla Orlic”, will lead this trip. 



  • Available places: 10

  • Minimum number of participants: 6

  • Start: 18 October 2019, Salta, Argentina

  • Finish: 2 November 2019, Salta, Argentina

  • Duration: 16 days

  • Nearest airport: Salta, Argentyna

Price: 2600 EUR


Price includes:

  • Assistance of Aleksandra Trzaskowska “Tylko dla Orlic” founder as a guide.

  • Motorcycle: Yamaha 250 cc or Honda Falcon 400.

  • Civil liability insurance for the motorbikes.
  • Necessary permits.
  • All accommodation on 2 sharing basis at 3* hotels or guesthouses.

  • Breakfasts.

  • Backup car with mechanic to carry our luggage all the way – we travel light!

  • Fuel for the back up car.

  • All tracks for the trip.

Cena nie zawiera:

  • Flight tickets to and from Salta.

  • Fuel for your bike.

  • Damages to the motorbikes caused by the rider.

  • Personal expenses.

  • Travel Insurance.

  • Admission tickets to the local sightseeing spots.


Type: 80% gravel, 20% asphalt

Level of difficulty: 8/10

Highlights: Salta, Cafayate, Campo de Piedra Pomez, Volcan Galan, Antofagasta de la Sierra, San Pedro de Atacama, Geiseres de Tatio, Ruta de las Lagunas in Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni, Tupiza, Humahuaca, Tilcara, lagoons, Atacama Desert.


What you should know:

The ride itself is quite demanding at times.  In some areas, the high altitude adds to the challenge.  All the tracks are however rideable and this is not a hard-enduro expedition for stuntmen.  Expect deep sand of all types, and in some parts corrugations you’ll never forget.  However, the reward is clear:  stunning landscapes and undying memories! We will be riding mostly gravel tracks of varying conditions.

The weather at this time of year is generally dry and sunny.  Sometimes, freak storms can occur, and we should have the right gear for this too.  We will be riding at high altitudes and it can be very cold if the weather turns against us.

This is an exciting and fun tour – not a competitive event:  We care about safety, and we will all be going at our own pace without pressure, to ensure all participants reach the destination safely and with a big smile.

Wearing suitable riding gear is the responsibility of each rider.  It is also a good idea to have a camelback with you, as the air is very dry.

Pack some sunscreen, and your sunglasses, but also make sure to bring a couple of warm layers and be prepared for the odd rain.


Day 1 (18.10)

Salta Arrival

Welcome to Argentina! After arriving in Salta, we will go to the hotel. Time to rest, relax and explore the city!  Salta has some fantastic steakhouses and is really enjoyable for a stroll after our long flight.

Day 2 (19.10)

Salta – San Pedro de Colalalo (100 km paved / 153 km track)

We start our adventure:  Familiarization day with motorcycles and we set off for a beautiful road in the mountains. There will be asphalt and some lighter off-raod as we gain altitude and get used to the Argentine reality.

Day 3 (20.10)

San Pedro de Colalalo – Cafayate (30 km paved / 170 km track)

A hot and exciting day. Today, we’ll have our first sand riding of our adventure.  Not too long and not too deep to start with.  But we’ll continue to ride in the mountains but also see vineyards – after all, it’s a world-famous wine region, and no coincidence we ride through here!  Cafayate is a beautiful town with a lively market square. In the evening we will definitely have something to do!

Day 4 (21.10)

Cafayate – El Penon. Visita en Campo de Piedra Pomez (140 km paved / 100 km track)

We now say goodbye to asphalt, heat and lowlands. Serious mountains begin, or rather the beginning of a plateau.  We’ll ride in the middle of a completely moon-style landscape. There is not much traffic anymore and villages come few and far between.

Day 5 (22.10)

El Penon – Volcan Galan – Antofagasta de la Sierra (220 KM track)

This is one of the most amazing motorcycle trails imaginable.  Demanding for sure, but extremely picturesque.  There will be lagoons, flamingoes, volcanoes, sandy roads…  We will even go to the crater of the second largest, extinct volcano in the world!  As it is very high, we’ll proceed cautiously to get used to the rarefied oxygen in the atmosphere.  By the evening we’ll reach Antofagasta de la Sierra.  It is a small oasis of civilization in this very remote area.

Day 6 (23.10)

Antofagasta de la Sierra – Tolar Grande (210 KM track)

Another day away from the beaten trails.  We probably will not meet anyone except llamas, vicunas, guanacos and flamingoes.  Gigantic volcanoes and lagoons will flank our ride the entire day. After crossing the Devils’s Desert and its incredible red colors, we’ll reach reach Tolar Grande.  This will seem to us like arriving on the set of a Star Wars movie:  It is desolate, cold and barren.   If anything feels like the end of the world, this is probably it.

Day 7  (24.10)

Tolar Grande – San Pedro de Atacama (300 KM paved / 70 KM track)

This day will need iron butts, as we ride from “nothing” to civilization and cross the border into Chile.  Along the way we have stunning views: several volcanoes and emerald lagoons. At the end of the day, we will reach the “capital” of the Atacama Desert – San Pedro de Atacama. It is a small but extremely picturesque bustling town.

Day 8 (25.10)

San Pedro de Atacama DAY OFF (Tatio / Valle de la Luna)

It’s time to rest! We will bathe in hot springs, see geysers and at sunset, remember our loved one in romantic Moon Valley.  For a moment, we’ll have the opportunity to enjoy civilization and regain some strengths.

Day 9 (26.10)

San Pedro de Atacama – Laguna Colorada (70km paved / 70 KM track)

We now leave Chile behind us, after completing customs procedures in San Pedro de Atacama, we enter Bolivia, and have our first feel of the difference in culture, after a long climb to a pass.   We’ll then start to follow the famous lagoon trail.   The first kilometers will have some deep ruts and be quite rocky, as we steadily gain altitude. The first incredible sight on our way will be the “Sol de Manana” geysers.  Along the way, we will ride past at some amazing rock formations in the Dali Desert, including the “stone tree”.  The views will be truly unforgettable, but make no mistake; it’ll be a tough day.  Today and tomorrow you will no doubt grow a better feel for what corrugations mean to one’s back-side.   In the evening – a surprise!

Day 10 (27.10)

Laguna Colorada – Laguna Helionda (80 km track)

The views will be truly unforgettable, but make no mistake; it’ll be a tough day.  Today and tomorrow you will no doubt grow a better feel for what corrugations mean to one’s back-side

Day 11 (28.10)

Laguna Helionda – Uyunin (200 KM track)

We leave the land of lagoons behind us, and head towards the most famous salar of Uyuni.   We are slowly approaching the next oasis of civilization, but it does not mean that it will be much easier… The road is still very demanding.  If the weather permits, we’ll cross the Salar de Uyuni.  It pretty much depends on how much rain the salt flats have accumulated in the previous days.   If we can’t cross the salar, we’ll ride around it, but either way we will reach Uyuni.  Both options leave an amazing experience.

Day 12 (29.11)


In Uyuni we have the opportunity to stretch our legs, and do something else than riding motorcycles the whole day.  We will definitely see the famous train graveyard.  If we have crossed it the day before, head to the salar.  Overnight in Uyuni.

Day 13 (30.10)

Uyuni – La Quiaca (260 KM paved / 30 KM track)

Today, our route leads through the picturesque Red Mountains and surroundings.  This is the road that the famous gangsters, Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid used in their last escape.

Day 14 (31.10)

La Quiaca – Humahuaca (180KM paved / 60 KM track)

We’re now going back to Argentina… There will gradually be more asphalt and civilization, but still great riding and very picturesque.  In the afternoon, we’ll rejoin the main road and head to towards Argentina’s border.

Day 15 (1.11)

Humahuaca – Salta (230 KM track)

We’re going back to Salta. But on the way there are still a few attractions waiting for us, namely the most beautiful towns of the Jujuy region: Tilcara and Purmamarca. The end of the day is already “getting greener”, which means that we are going downhill.  In the evening we will all gather for a farewell dinner and to celebrate of our achievements.

Day 16 (2.11)

FLIGHT TO Buenos Aires and Europe

The end.

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