Crystal Frost

No doubt that I will be the most novice rider out of this group of exceptionally epic and experienced female motorists embarking on this great Himalayan adventure. My moto story is short. I rode a friends’ KTM dirt bike on forrest trails only a few times over one summer thirteen years ago. It was then, around the age of fourteen, that I got my first delicious taste of speed and adrenaline. Of course I had to have more, however my parents were discouraging of extreme „high risk” sport until I was an adult, and paying for my own medical and life insurance – Haha! Reasonable enough I thought.

Enough daydreaming. I want to be known as a woman of action – not just a dreamer, not just a talker. After several years of saying „someday,” I took my street motorcycle license and bought myself a 2007 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R the beginning of 2015. I ride the Dubai streets, over-taking traffic from point A to point B, but my favorite are the night rides without a destination in mind. I have never felt so alive and at peace in the same moment as I do when I ride. It is my zen. This Winter and Spring I will try off-road again and take a KTM into the dessert for some mogul induced adrenaline highs.

I have been living in Dubai since March of 2014, working as an air stewardess for Emirates. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. My time outside of school and work was filled with outdoor adventures – hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, and flying out to hidden gem areas to camp, fish, and catch sight of large wildlife. Summer adventures have always been my favorite, but I kept in shape through the Winter by going to a huge indoor rock climbing warehouse, and snowboarding. Dinners and BBQs with family and friends have always been an important part of my life as well. Great people, sharing great stories, over great food! No food ever tastes as spectacular as the meals prepared over a charcoal grill or a campfire – especially when you are way out in vast wilderness! Oh yeah – I’m a total foodie. I love to eat! As I went through University in Seattle and started to travel extensively around the USA, Mexico, and Jordan – I got more into outdoor rock climbing, splunking, river kayaking, and deep sea diving. I am finding a few good places scattered around the UAE and Oman to indulge in my outdoor hobbies.

2016 is going to be my year to accomplish some huge personal goals. Improving my motorcycle riding ability and endurance for distance culminating with this epic all women motorcycle tour of the Himalayan Mountains! Also, completing my Private Pilot License and flying small airplanes with my Father and friends back home in Alaska. It is going to be an amazing year!

I am so pumped to be a part of this journey! I’m not able to provide even an ounce of expertise or „bad-ass” credibility to our group, Haha! I’m coming to offer „vibe-control”. I’ve got a relentlessly positive and optimistic attitude and almost limitless energy. All we need to keep the good vibes rolling the whole trip – good humor, good food and our motors!