Tylko Dla Orlic

I launched women only motorcycle trips “Tylko dla Orlic” in 2016. Together with a group of bad-ass girls we rode Royal Enfields through the highest passes of the Indian Himalayas. Since than we visited Tien Shan, wild corners of Kyrgyzstan, majestic Georgia and colorful Sri Lanka. Every year we find a new challenge, we push the boundaries and visit new places. Looking for an adventure? Join us!

Aleksandra “Ola” Trzaskowska 

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When in 2016 the “Tylko dla Orlic” project was launched, there were plenty of volunteers. The Indian Himalayas were our first destination. On classic Royal Enfields we drove through 5,000 passes and it became quickly clear that this project made sense. It meets the expectations of girls bikers who want to go and explore, face the limits of their own strength and relax in exotic places, feel the adrenaline and be close to other cultures.

Every year we find new challenges. We go to new places and visit the our favorite ones. The Orlice team is constantly growing. There are both experienced motorcyclists among us as well as completely beginner riders. We are happy that we can be an inspiration for others. Each girl biker will find something for us.

Our experience in motorcycle traveling guarantees that the trips we organize are safe, interesting and with a claw.



If you want to take your other half with you (or a son, dad etc) see our other project page – www.motobirds.com


Transport of motorcycles

You want to ride your own motorbike? You want your bike delivered somewhere else? With multiple years of experience with border controls, customs and motorbike shipping we can deliver Your bike in time for one of our tips or for a trip of your own anywhere in the world. You can find more details about shipping at www.motobirds.com

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