Women Only Himalaya

Some years ago women climbers led by famous Wanda Rutkiewicz conquered the highest Himalayas. They were fed up of being considered inferior, weaker and not able to complete REAL CHALLENGES. Nowadays women climbing eight thousand height peaks do not surprise anymore.

We, the women bikers, also have our own challenges. We do not want men to rush us anymore. We do not want to hide tears in difficult situations on the trips. Real “machos” tell us they know always better. But how many times we waited for them fixing their bikes after the crush caused by speeding or stupid show offs… I bet each of us heard at least once what a poor riders we, women, are. This is enough. We will do our adventure trip on our way – meaning – wisely. Without being shout at, rushed. Without stupid macho jokes. We will do it in friendly, cheerful atmosphere and in perfect fellowship. We will ride through the highest motorable passes in the world in the way we want and enjoy. Do you want to join us?

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